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I wanted to take a few minutes to say, “Dang, you’re good!” I am so impressed by what you caught while proofreading SAMconnects; way above and beyond commas and en dashes! 

Wendy Saffel, Communications Coordinator,
Seattle Art Museum

I’m a Seattle-based editor and proofreader who works with publishers and others in creative communications:

  • book publishers
  • magazine publication companies
  • marketing & communications departments, both corporate and nonprofit
  • ad agencies

Freelancing since 2004, I have experience in book publishing and advertising. My background in these divergent production environments has made me particularly discerning about editorial style decisions and pragmatic and professional about deadlines.


I know the rules, but I’m not chained to them. I’m interested in finding the editorial style that best suits the reader and the medium, as well as the methods that work for clients. My clients tend to have very high production values: relevant, engaging text and striking design are imperative. My aim is to make sure nothing — no grammar slip, no misspelled name, no layout glitch — gets in the way.